ECC Theatre is thrilled to announce the third year of our Summer Youth and Teen Theatre Troupe!

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Led by St Clair High School Theatre Instructor Lukus Dement-

join us to improve your confidence, performance skills and more!

ECC Theatre Youth Theatre Troupe: Little Red Riding Hood

This camp is FULL

Students will spend time participating in acting games, improvisation, and an introduction to the rehearsal process. The focus will be on helping students get comfortable performing on stage as well as exploring characterization. Students will also learn stage directions and memorization techniques. The student’s work will be showcased in a student production of "Little Red Riding Hood" on Friday, August 13th.

This production will be free to the public.

Ages 8 – 12 years

Register at least one week prior to the start of class to help avoid class cancellations

August 9-13, 2021
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 11:30 am
Room Hansen Hall 134
COST: $75.00 each

ECC Teen Theatre Troupe: Anatomy of Gray

*By popular demand, this is a TWO WEEK CAMP*

This camp will focus on students incorporating themselves into the rehearsal process and production of a full length show performed on the stage at the John edson Anglin Performing Arts Center.


. Students will participate in the rehearsal process for the play "Anatomy of Gray". 

When June's father dies, she prays for a healer to come to the small town of Gray, so that no one will ever suffer again; the next thing she knows, there's a tornado, and a man in a balloon blows into town claiming to be a doctor. At first, the new doctor cures anything and everything, but soon the town's preacher takes ill with a mysterious plague. And then the plague begins to spread. 


This production will be performed on Friday, August 13th. Students will also engage in improvisation/acting games that focus on characterization, vocal projection, comedic pacing, and stage movement. Students will also learn the basics of backstage theatre by helping to acquire the props and set for the production’s rehearsal process. Ages 13 – 17 years

Register at least one week prior to the start of class to help avoid class cancellations


August 2-13, 2021
Monday – Friday
12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Room Hansen Hall 134
COST: $75.00 each