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ECC Theatre Classes- Click HERE to see the Fall 2024 Course Schedule!


ECC Theatre Department offers a full schedule of classes for both the major and non major.

All classes count towards your degree from ECC and most transfer to all 4 year universities. All classes are CORE 42!

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Public Speaking (COM110)

An introduction to the basic elements of public speaking. Assignments include the presentation of speeches, preparation of outlines, and the discussion of evaluation techniques.


Oral Communication (COM101)

A fundamentals of speech course designed to develop student improvement in the critical understanding of ideas about communication as well as the important issues of our time, and subsequently to improve individual communication skills. This class is also offered online.


Theatre Appreciation (THE101)

An appreciation course designed to give an introduction to theatre history,  literature and design. This class will expose the student to the theatre experience through the reading and discussion of various scripts, scope of history, viewing of productions and the design and creation of theatrical projects. This is not a performance based class. 



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Program of Study

*=CORE42 Class

Year 1

Fall Semester


COL101                     Falcon  Seminar

*ENG101/ENG114   Comp I or Honors Comp I

*COM110                  Public Speaking OR COM 101 Oral Communication 

*HST101/HST 102/ US Hist to 1877 OR Us Hist since 1877 OR US Gov            

*MTH160                  College Algebra OR Math course

*THE121                    Acting I


Spring Semester


*ENG102/ENG115   Comp II or Honors Comp II

*Varies                      Natural Science (no lab)

*THE131                    Directing I

*Varies                      Social and Behavioral Science

*Varies                      Humanities and Fine Arts



Year 2

Fall Semester


*THE101                    Theatre Appreciation


THE122                      Acting II


Varies                        Technical Theatre Elective


*Varies                       Social and Behavioral Science

*Varies                       Elective (recommended- MCM 104: Intro to Film


Varies                        Elective

Spring Semester

*Varies                       Natural Science (with lab)


Varies                        Technical Theatre Elective


THE132                      Directing II


Varies                         Social and Behavioral Science


Varies                         Elective     

Suggested Theatre/Communications Electives- Introduction to Film Studies, General Psychology, Ethics, Introduction to Shakespeare, Introduction to Philosophy

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Theatre and Communication Classes

All Theatre and Communication classes are open to ALL ECC students and apply as elective credit/gen ed requirement for most ECC degrees. 


Acting I*: (THE121)

Introduction to basic training in script analysis, character development, rehearsal skills and practical application of acting techniques using the Stanislavski Method. No experience required. This class produces and performs the Actor's Showcase.


Acting II*: (THE122 -pre-req: Acting I or instructor permission)

This course continues upon the foundation built in Acting I with more diverse literature performances and challenging scene work as well as peer review and workshop techniques. This class produces and performs the Actor's Showcase.

Directing  I*: (THE131)

Through lecture, discussion and practical hands on experience, students will learn the art and craft of stage directing. Topics will include scheduling and use of rehearsal time, directing and stage management techniques as well as time management and leadership skill development.  This class produces and performs the Director's Showcase where all scene work is directed by students.


Intro to Mass Media Communication (MCM101)

This course will examine the past, present and future of mass media as well as its role in our lives and society. Topics include theoretical foundations, history, literacy, culture, ethics, trends and more. Students will analyze a variety of media including print, radio, television, film advertising and public relations the Internet and other news media. 


* class culminates in a public showcase of performance work.

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If you have questions about classes, advising, enrollment, financial aid or anything else, please contact Grace Austin HERE.


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