Welcome to Callbacks for The SpongeBob Musical!

We saw a LOT of incredible talent at auditions- and we can't wait to see what you bring to callbacks.

If you are listed below, please be in the lobby of the John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center by 6:30pm on Thursday, November 17th.

Please dress to move- we will begin with a movement callback and then go on to reading and vocal auditions. If you have a character(s) listed after your name, please prepare those callback selections. If you do NOT have a character listed, please be ready to dance and we may have you do some readings also.

If you have a * by your name, we will see you at 4pm for your callback (instead of 6:30pm)

If your name is on the callback list, you also received an email from us.

Please check your email ASAP and respond. If you did NOT get an email and you are on the list, please send am email to gracemaustin@gmail.com letting us know that.

Conner A- Perch Perkins

Anne Brock- Electric Skate*

Tara Bendler- Reading 9*

Ty Bequette- Squidward, Plankton

Emma Busch- Dance callback*

Owen Cave- Plankton, Squidward

Wes Corum- Patch/Sq- video callback

Andrew Carter- Spongebob, Squidward, Patchy, Plankton, Electric Skate*

Johny Cojocaru- Mr Krabs, Patrick

Terry Callaway- Rd 9*

Charissa Clark- Pearl, Mayor

Paula Diaz- Dance Callback

Colby Drummonds- dance callback*

Jasmine Derhammer- Mayor, Sandy

Leo Edwards- Dance callback*

Lorelei Edwards- Karen, Electric Skate*

Michael Finck- Patchy, Patrick, Squidward

Aiden George- Skate, Krabs

Dylan Halsey- Electric Skate*

Briley Howell- Electric Skate*

Dominique Harper- Pearl, Sandy

Evan Kiriakidis- Patchy/Patrick/Squidward

Eleni Kiriakidis- Dance callback

Regan Killbreath- Mayor

Chadly Konner Jourdyn- Patchy, Patrick 

Trendy Klemme- Sandy, Karen, Skate

Christian Masawi- Perch Perkins

Sebastian Montowine- Spongebob, Patrick, Krabs

Max Ruether- SpongeBob, Patchy, Patrick

Elin Schmidt- Sandy 

Sarah Scharfenberg- Dance callback*

Sydney Smith- Reading 9

K 'Big I' Speaks- Reading 9

Tara Steffens- Patchy, Karen, Patrick

Grace Sellers- Pearl, Sandy

Jayden Stokes- Dance callback

Lanie Shollenberger- Reading 9

Everett Stokes- Mr. Krabs, Readings 1-8-9

Jayden Stokes- Dance callback

Kayla Vondera- Dance callback, Rd 9

Brooke West- Dance callback*

Andy Wanager- Patchy, Patrick 

Matthew Wangner - Dance callback

Abi Wheeler- Pearl

Andrew Utz- Perch Perkins