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Disney's Beauty and the Beast Audition Selections

-Please chose the audition selection that fits you and your voice the best. You will be considered for all roles in the show regardless of what selection you chose. We are looking for a confident, prepared audition!!

-Many roles could be played by either gender- chose whatever selection you feel will give you the strongest audition.

-Some lead roles have 2 potential audition cuts. Please prepare BOTH (we may may ask for only one).

-Each audition selection has a practice track with it- this is for YOUR rehearsal ONLY. At auditions, you will be accompanied by our Music Director, Matt Kauzlarich.

Click HERE to listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Disney's Beauty and the Beast!


Click on the below underlined text to access the sheet music for each character.


The Company Audition- 'Belle' m 269-> End. Chose the vocal line that suits you- please include all of m276-280) If you are interested in an Adult Ensemble role, a Child Ensemble role, Cogsworth, A Silly Girl, Chip or Babette, please sing this audition cut. 

Practice Track is HERE (start at 4:35)

Belle- 'Home' m 42->End and 'A Change In Me m 57->End.

Practice track is HERE (start at 1:35) and HERE (start at 1:31)

Beast- 'If I Can't Love Her' m 53-62 and m 71->End.   

Practice Track is HERE (start at 2:19)

Gaston- 'The Mob Song' m 9->32 and 'Me 'm 71->End.

Practice track is HERE (start at :27) and HERE (start at 1:37)

LeFou- Gaston (Reprise) m 135->End.

Practice track is HERE (start at 2:08)

Lumiere - 'Be Our Guest' m 392->End.

Practice track is HERE (start at 7:04)

Mrs. Potts- 'Be Our Guest' m 174->210.

Practice track is HERE (start at 3:14)

Madame De La Grande Bouche -Be Our Guest' m 405>408 AND The Company Audition

Practice track is HERE (start at 7:25- its very short!)

Maurice- 'No Matter What' m 74->End

Practice track is HERE (start at 2:10)

Please be sure you have read the character descriptions and FAQ. 

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