Congratulations to the
Company of TRAP

Mikayla Becker

Ty Bequette

Rita Bub

Carol Buescher

Ty Bequette

Emma Busch

Terry Callaway

Andrew Carter

Wes Corum

David Dennis

Michael Finck


Regan Melton

Ella Olms

Josh Robinson

Bella Shelden

Kristian Speaks

Sydney Smith

Tara Steffens

Stephen Thompson

Brooke West

Charlie Winchester

Andrew Utz


Aiden George

Morgan Ganey

Briley Howell

Taryn Jasson

Patty Kellmann

Evan Kiriakidis

Eleni Kiriakisis

Trinady Klemme

Chloe Kugel

Paula Marquez


Tickets for TRAP will go on sale to the public Thursday, September 1st at 8am on the Box Office page.
Performances are October 6-9, 2022.
65 tickets will be available for each performance.
Tickets are $10/each.