Our first rehearsal will be held MONDAY November 25th at 6:30pm in the Choir Room. 


 Please bring the following:

a pencil

a highlighteR 

a hard side 2 inch binder to hold your script and score.

You MUST accept your role by 1pm Saturday or

we will recast your role. There are 2 way to do this (we prefer you do both):


1- Search FB for 'ECC 9-5' and request to join our group.

2- Join the 9-5 text group by texting @8984b83 to 81010 (be sure you include the @ symbol)

We MUST hear from you by 1pm. At the point, we will begin offering roles to other people already in the cast.

The Cast of 9-5 the Musical

*= Chris Page-Sanders Featured Dancer (we may add more of these in Bootcamp)

+- Also in The Company

Doralee-Rebecca Evans

Violet-Tara Steffens

Judy-Brittany Losh

Roz-Crystal Pratt

Franklin Hart-Chad Greife Wetenhall

Joe-Issac Corum+*

Dwayne-Jonathan Robertson+*

Josh-Donavan Counts+

Missy Hart-Jessie Patterson+

Maria- Abby Shallin+

Dick-Trey Tinker+*

Bob- Andrew Carter +*

Tinsworthy+-Kyle Counts+

Kathy-Briley Howell+*

Margaret-Heidi Nuckolls+

The Company of 9-5-

Rita Bub

Diane Burnett

Carol Buescher

Jagger Case

Schuyler Condon

Kathy Dawson

Jasmine Derhammer

Camryn Dunivin

Aidan Gildehouse- The Doctor

Sam Holland- The Detective

Patty Kellmann

Zack Kimker

Meg Kimminau*

Nate Mendez-Torres

Sebastian Montowine*

Russell Pinnell

Anna Marie- Sampson*

Lainie Shollenberger*- The Candy Striper

Sue Spann

Sydney Smith*

Erin Wehmeyer

Sophia Wildt

Andrew Utz