The Company of The Spongebob Musical

Congratulations to our company of The Spongebob Musical! This was our hardest choice in several years- we are THRILLED to get started working with you. 

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, November 21st at 6:30pm. Starting at 5:30pm, cast measurements will be taken- please come early to be measured. 

Please bring a pencil and a highlighter- scripts and binders will be provided.

Of you are on this list, you also received an email- you MUST respond to the email to accept your part. Acceptance is due by 10am on Saturday. After that, we will begin recasting roles. 


Conner Aubuchon- Bikini Bottom Crew, Electric Skate, Johnny the Bartender, Pirate 

Anne Brock- Bikini Bottom Crew

Tara Bendler-Bikini Bottom Crew

Ty Bequette- Principal Dancer, Bikini Bottom Crew, Featured Sardine, Pirate soloist

Emma Busch- Bikini Bottom Crew

Owen Cave- Squidward, Principal Dancer

Wes Corum- Patchy the Pirate , Bikini Bottom Crew

Andrew Carter-Principal Dancer, Plankton

Johny Cojocaru-Bikini Bottom Crew, Featured Sardine , Pirate soloist

Terry Callaway -Bikini Bottom Crew, Pirate

Colby Drummonds- Bikini Bottom Crew

Charissa Clark- The Mayor of Bikini Bottom, Principal Dancer

Paula Diaz-Bikini Bottom Crew

Jasmine Derhammer-Mrs. Puff, Principal Dancer

Leo Edwards- Gary the Snail, Baby Pirate

Lorelei Edwards- Principal Dancer, Bikini Bottom Crew, Electric Skate

Michael Finck- The Narrator, Featured Sardine , Pirate soloist

Aiden George- Bikini Bottom Crew, Larry the Lobster, Pirate

Dylan Hulsey-Bikini Bottom Crew, Electric Skate, Pirate

Dominique Harper-Principal Dancer, Karen the Computer

Briley Howell- Principal Dancer, Bikini Bottom Crew, Electric Skate, Pirate

Evan Kiriakidis-Bikini Bottom Crew

Regan Killbreath- Principal Dancer, Bikini Bottom Crew

Chadly Konner Jourdyn- Patrick Star

Trinady Klemme-Principal Dancer , Bikini Bottom Crew, Featured Sardine, Pirate soloist

Christian Masawi- Bikini Bottom Crew, Pirate

Sebastian Montowine-Principal Dancer, Mr, Krabs

Max Ruether- Spongebob Squarepants

Elin Schmidt-Principal Dancer, Sandy the Squirrel

Sarah Scharfenberg- Bikini Bottom Crew

Kristian 'Big I' Speaks- Bikini Bottom Crew

Tara Steffens- Dance Captain, Principal Dancer, Electric Skate, Pirate

Grace Sellers-Principal Dancer, Pearl the Whale

Everett Stokes- Old Man Jenkins, Pirate

Jayden Stokes- Bikini Bottom Crew

Lainie Schollenberg- Dance Captain, Principal Dancer, Pirate

Sydney Smith- Dance Captain, Principal Swing/Dancer, Pirate

Kayla Vondera- Dance Captain, Principal Dancer, Pirate

Andy Wanager-Featured Sardine, Bikini Bottom Crew, Pirate Soloist

Matthew Wanager-Bikini Bottom Crew

Brooke West- Bikini Bottom Crew

Abi Wheeler- Bikini Bottom Crew, Principal Dancer, Electric Skate, Pirate 

Andrew Utz- Perch Perkins, Principal Dancer