It's headshot test time...

Theatre is a temporary art-once a performance is's over.

Which is one of the reasons we take thousands of photographs for every performance- photos are the best evidence we have that a performance happened! You can check out our photo gallery by clicking HERE -and now we've decided to invest in a camera of our own!

Don't worry- we'll leave the performance photography to the kind people who donate their services to us (thank you Kent and Shannon!!) but now we can document a little more of what goes on behind the scenes.

One of the first uses for our camera is to take the headshots of our Death and McCootie actors- and today I decided to take a few test shots of our Theatre Student worker Trish Baker!

She was a good sport...and here are a few of the fun results!

We're taking the headshots fo the cast tonight and you'll see some of the results in the coming week- but to see the final result you'll have to come see Death and McCootie October at !!

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