First Read Thru of Death and McCootie

The day was August 27th. The time 4:30pm. The sun was several hours away from taking a nap and the smell of crime laced the air. Good thing Detective McCootie was there to… rehearse? The cast of East Central’s Death and McCootie took to the stage last night for their very first rehearsal. The cast ranges from Trish Baker, a ten-year veteran to the ECC stage to Amanda Shearman, an incoming freshman participating in her first show on ECC’s stage. The cast list released on August 27th at 2pm read as follows: Joe Schisma to play McCootie, Tristan Cullom as Death, Trish Baker as Secretary, Shannon Metts as Agnes, Amanda Shearman as Natalia, Travis Thornton as McCluskey, Gabe Loazia as the Ticket Taker, Michael Huxel as Afton, Jared Sprick as Archer, Mekaela Gross as June, and Dalton Hempelmann as Danby.

As the actors sat behind the closed curtain and read through their scripts, smiles danced across faces and there was almost constant laughter, ranging from small giggles to boisterous HAHAs (we’re looking at you Trish). The scripted banter between Death and McCootie was hilarious to all even on the first night of reading. Director, Chris Swanson, laughed along with cast and gave small direction when needed. After witnessing such a fun first read through, I am beyond excited to see the final version on stage. It is clear to already see that a great production is in the making, from the excellent casting to the hilarious script. Stay tuned for more details on the production of Death and McCootie!

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