What are auditions like? (a guest post!)

Our blog post today is written by ECC Theatre Anna Smith. Anna played Madame Thenardier in last year's production of Les Misérables and has also appeared on our stage in several other shows- enjoy!!

In the past year we have learned from our mothers, planned a not so successful revolution, went to Broadway and Beyond an 8th time, and had a live radio hour within our theatre. The revolution has since died down and it is time to move on to our next enthralling season of wishes. Last night we had our first audition of the season for Death and Mcootie. We were enthusiastic to see that our excitement has spread. Many new faces showed up last night along with some familiar ones as well. After our successful first night, we decided to write a blog giving some insight into our audition process.

The first step of the process is signing in and receiving a clipboard that asks about general information, your past show experience, the kind of role your willing to accept, and your availability.

After this step you are divided into groups and given a scene from the show to cold read with your partner/group. This part of the process is very relaxed. You have plenty of time to read through the scene several times and come up with ideas as to how you want to present the character you’re reading for. Last night as the cold readings took place in the hallway outside the theatre it was clear to see the animation and talent within the auditionees.

After this step you will walk into the theatre space and cold read in front of the director, Chris Swanson. Be sure to project your voice and remain relaxed. It may seem intimidating and nerve-wracking at first, but you will soon find that the process is a calm one compared to other theatres or types of theatre auditions.

After this you may be asked to read for another character or you may be released. It is a shorter process than musical auditions, which will begin in our department in November. More information about those auditions will be released closer to our musical audition dates.

Director Chris Swanson welcomes more people to audition tonight, August 25th. Not only is she looking for actors for the show, but technical help is also needed. So come join us for our first show of the season! We love welcoming new people to our family and look forward to meeting and talking with anyone who has an interest in being involved. The cast list will be posted by 2pm on Wednesday, August 26th and the first rehearsal will be held Thursday, August 27th at 6:30pm.

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