So when I was putting together our logo posters, I realized I had a problem- our logos for Into the Woods and Reindeer Eight were designed by our great graphic designer Alex and the logo for Death and McCootie came to us predesigned- and they all has similar color schemes. Our Legally Blonde logo was the one that is licensed to us by MTI- the classic pink and white image that didn't exactly fit with the others. I puzzled over this for a bit- did I want to stay with the image I already had that was probably more familiar to our audiences or do I ask Alex to see what he can create?

Here's the original Legally Blonde logo- pink and white and featuring Elle and her famous puppy, Bruiser:

LB por.jpg 2015-4-15-10:19:22

It's clear and simple- and shows iconic imagery from both the show and the movie.


I wanted something different! Alex had a few concerns about his version of the image- the musical is very different than our other shows and he didn't want to lose the 'bubbly' feel of the show by using darker colors and imagery.

We talked about it and tossed around a few ideas...and here's the beginning of what we came up with!


Still using imagery from the show (blonde hair, pink lips) but in a very different way and in a way that fits with our other logos!

Just a little look at what our season has in store- our final show of the '14-'15 Season goes up in 2 weeks and we are gearing up for an AMAZING performance year- we hope you'll join us for our Season of Wishes!

Be sure to come see The 1940's Radio Hour- tickets available by visiting our Box Office page!

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