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Want to know more about Dungeons and Dragons? Click HERE


Find out more about the world of She Kills Monsters, including Setting, characters and story HERE in an INCREDIBLE dramaturgy packet by Vicki L. Hoskins. This also has a great playlist for 90s music!

Audition Information

Auditions- Monday, August 21 (6:30-9pm) and Tuesday, August 22 (6:30-7:30pm) with callbacks Wednesday, August 22 (7:30-9:30pm) at the John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center at ECC.

Performances are October 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Please note that callbacks are TUESDAY night. You do not need to attend both nights of auditions, but you are welcome to!


Our first rehearsal will be Thursday, August 24th.


Auditions are open to all performers ages 15+. This show does contain some language and adult subject matter.


You can read the entire script HERE


Rehearsals will be 3 days per week (6:30-9pm) and we will have some Sunday afternoon rehearsals with our fight choreographer. Please bring a list of all your conflicts with you to auditions. A rehearsal schedule is posted below.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script posted HERE.

You can find our current rehearsal schedule (subject to change based on actor conflicts) HERE 

You can read some FAQ about auditions HERE


These readings do not need to be memorized, but please be familiar with them. We will have printed copies of the readings at auditions for you. We will put you into groups to read and you will have a short time to rehearse with your group before you audition. 

This is a very fast rehearsal process with a lot of character work and fight choreography. Please be prepared to show us strong characters at auditions!

Character descriptions:

Many of these characters can be played by any gender.

Agnes Evans- age 20s/30s. Sister of Tilly. Agnes has never played DnD so she doesn't really understand the world around her at first. She goes through a series of emotions as she plays the game- puzzled, sad, shocked, confident. Ultimately- Agnes wants to know more about her sister- but she ends up learning the most about herself and what she wants.

Tilly Evans- ages teens/early 20s. Sister of Agnes. Tilly dies in a car accident  at the beginning of the show and comes back as as truly badass warrior who rules her own DnD game- but she's hiding a secret. Tilly appears confident- but inside she has a deep fear of rejection.

Chuck 'DM Biggs'- age 20s/30s. Chuck works at a game store and runs the DnD game that Agnes plays to learn more about her sister. Although he may appear to be a bit of a dork- Chuck is passionate about DnD and has a great sense of humor. 

Vera- age 20s/30s. Friend of Agnes. Vera is a school guidance counselor but she's not very good at her job. She hates Miles.


Miles- age 20s/30s. Boyfriend of Agnes. He does not understand why she goes on this DnD journey- but he's willing to support her.

An unexpected hero for us all.

Kaliope/Kelly-teens/20s. Both a DnD character (a Dark Elf who possesses agility, athleticism and ass kicking abilities) and a normal teenage girl. Kelly walks with crutches.

Lillith/Lily- teens/20s. Both a DnD character ( a Demon Queen who is the muscle of the group) and a teenage girl. This character appears as a confident Queen and a scared, uncertain teenager in a role that requires strength and versatility.

Steve- 20s/30s. Steve is an ordinary guy who keeps trying to be a hero..and who keeps getting killed in spectacular fashion for it. He's fearless even in the face of disaster.

Orcus/Ronnie- 20s/30s. Both a DnD character ( Overlord of the Underworld and a lazy demon that has given up defending his treasure in favor of watching TV and snacking on Easy Cheez) and a pretty normal guy.

Farrah the Fairie- 20s/30s. A gentle looking forest fairy, she will rip your face off while throwing glitter around. 

Evil Gabbi-20s/30s. Both a DnD character (a demon cheerleader with bloody fangs) and a regular teenage mean girl.

Evil Tina- 20s/30s. Both a DnD character (a demon cheerleader with bloody fangs) and a regular teenage mean girl.

Narrator- 20s/30s.  A Narrator. She’s not unlike Cate Blanchett in “The Lord of the Rings.” In fact, very much like Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings.

The Monster Ensemble- this is a group of 10-15 strong performers who will play all of the monsters/atmosphere in the show. This group needs to be fearless and learn quickly. Some of the above named characters will also be in the Monster Ensemble. Any age.

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