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(Please note- characters can be played by ANY gender). We ENCOURAGE you to audition for 

We are looking for a hint of a character voice but NOT the cartoon. 

SpongeBob SquarePants (Range: C3-B4):
Everyone’s favorite yellow sponge, and the hero of our story. Bright, cheery, and always optimistic, SpongeBob knows how to maintain a positive attitude, even when a deadly volcano threatens to destroy his beloved town.

Patrick Star (Range: Bb2-Bb4):
SpongeBob’s simple-minded starfish friend. He may be dumb and lazy on the outside, but inside, he just wants someone to listen to what he has to say.

Sandy Cheeks (Range: A3-E5):
A brainy and athletic Texan squirrel who came to Bikini Bottom for a research project. She acts as SpongeBob’s most trusted ally on their quest to stop the volcano from erupting, using her vast amount of scientific knowledge and brilliant inventions to aid the mission.

Squidward Q. Tentacles (Range: A2-F#4):
SpongeBob and Patrick’s cranky, clarinet-playing neighbor. He has a very gloomy outlook on life, believing the world’s “a horrible place filled with fear, suffering, and despair”, but nonetheless, he dreams of becoming a famous stage star for the sake of his late mother, and is willing to do just about anything to achieve his big break.

Eugene Krabs (Range: B2-Bb4)
The greedy owner of the Krusty Krab, and employer of SpongeBob and Squidward. While everyone is off panicking about Bikini Bottom’s imminent doom, he decides to strike the iron while it’s hot and puts on a huge “apocalypse sale” at his restaurant, exploiting the fear of his fellow fish to make him even richer.

Sheldon J. Plankton (Range: B2-G#4)
The scheming owner of the Chum Bucket who has big plans for world domination. He uses the Mount Humongous disaster to his advantage by convincing everyone to leave Bikini Bottom and settle into a new town, where he’ll tyrannically take them over as their new Evil Overlord. But they don’t know that, of course…

ENSEMBLE/FEATURED ROLES (Note- some of these roles do not require solo singing or dance. Supporting roles will (mostly) also cover ensemble tracks)

Karen the Computer – (Range: G#3-F#5):
A waterproof supercomputer who is Plankton’s snarky sidekick and wife. She aids her husband in his plot to take everything over after realizing that his Evil Plan is putting the spark back into their relationship.

Pearl Krabs – (Range:Bb3-F#5):
Mr. Krabs’ teenage whale daughter. Even though her father spoils her silly, she deeply detests his greed and wants him to prioritize his family, not his profits. She’s also a huge fan of the famous rock band the Electric Skates, and eventually plans to run away with them after she’s had enough of her dad’s neglect.

Perch Perkins – (Range: E2-E4):
The head anchor of Bikini Bottom News. He keeps everyone up-to-date on the current state of their doomed hometown.

The Mayor of Bikini Bottom – (Range: F#4-B5):
The overbearing mayor of Bikini Bottom. She claims that everything is under control as the apocalypse draws nearer, but it’s pretty clear that she has absolutely no idea what to do… so she decides to become a dictator.

Patchy the Pirate – (Range: D3-F4 (F5 falsetto)):
The pirate president of the SpongeBob fan club. Eager to see his idol star in his very own Broadway musical, Patchy sets up his own little VIP seat right in front of the stage, before getting booted out by security guards. He constantly tries sneaking his way back into the theater throughout the majority of the show.

The Electric Skates – 3 band members:
A famous rock band who’s hired to perform at the Bikini Bottom benefit concert. Pearl’s a huge fan of these gu
ys. They’re known to rock out while zipping across the stage on skateboards and roller skates, hence the name.

Larry the Lobster
A muscular lobster who spends most of his time “getting his claws swole”. He eventually becomes the Mayor’s bodyguard. No solo singing.

Mrs. Puff
A high-strung boating school instructor turned lush. No solo singing.

Old Man Jenkins
A cranky old fish who leads an Angry Mob against Sandy for being a land creature. No solo singing.

Gary the Snail

The 'pet' of Spongebob- we're looking for a young performer who is creative and learns quickly.

Assorted Sea Creatures and Bikini Bottom Citizens- playing dozens of roles- the true stars of the show.

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