Puffs Audition Questions: 



Q: Is Puffs a musical? You always do a musical! 

A: Puffs is NOT a musical. With the uncertainty of COVID, producing a full musical just wasnt in the cards this year. Puffs has dance, staging and a LOT of creative movement- so our resident choreographer, Chris Page-Sanders, WILL be on hand to work with us!

Q: What if I don't know anything about Harry Potter? 

A: Well, you're in luck. Due to the strict contract we had to sign...we can't even really use the word Potter. Puffs is about an entirely different set of people. But- should you like to know more about the material Puffs is based on - HERE is a helpful link 

Q: What is the rehearsal time commitment? 

A: Puffs rehearses Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-9pm. Actors are only called on days that they are needed and we do our best to work around conflicts that we know about in advance (you will be asked to list all known conflicts at auditions). There is some flexibility with conflicts- except the week of the show when all actors will be called every day for dress rehearsals. 

Q: How many people are you casting? 

A: We are planning to cast around 35 actors. All roles are open to any gender and age with a very few exceptions.

Q: How can I be more familiar with the show? 

A: There are a lot of great videos of PUFFS on Youtube- but you can also see the original cast performance on BroadwayHD.com and you can watch this clip that has some fun stuff about the original production! 

Q: What are the weekend rehearsal commitments? 

A: The only weekend rehearsals we have are the the weekend before the show (February 19 and 20) and the weekend of the show itself (your time commitment will be in the evening on Saturday and during the day Sunday). There is one Sunday rehearsal on Sunday, January 16th- this will most likely ONLY be Oliver, Wayne and Megan. 


Q: When is the show? 

A: Performances are Thursday- Sunday, February 24-27.  


Q: What if I have never been in a show before? 

A: That doesn’t matter- come and audition! We love meeting new people- and we try to make it as relaxing an experience as possible! 


If you have another question, please call director Grace Austin at 636 584-6695 or email her at grace.austin@eastcentral.edu - we’re happy to help!!