The Company of Puffs!

*Please note- most roles are open to any age (15-80)  and gender (regardless of character description pronouns).

We are looking for versatile, strong actors who work well as a company

and who are creative and fearless.




The narrator of the story. She/he guides us through our entire show of Puffy-ness. British accent. Must be a great storyteller, as she/he must keep the audience engaged and updated on all the goings-on. Can be a bit of a know-it-all, but still relatable and appealing. On stage 90% of the show.


The hero. Totally uncool, but full of charm and heart. Loyal to a tee. Likes comic books and video games, knows nothing about magic or this weird magic world he is now a part of. Best friends with Oliver and Megan. 


One of the main trio. Incredibly smart and cerebral, he is a math wiz, and proud of it; lovingly a nerd from New Jersey. After ending up at wizarding school, he finds out he isn’t the top of his class, and instead begins a fantastical journey of friendship and even some love, better than any algebra class could ever promise. Real comic chops, incredibly appealing, youthful. 


One of the main trio; begins the show by only desiring to live up to her mother’s reputation: a dark wizard currently in Wiz Priz for being such a bad-ass Death Buddy in her youth. Favorite store: Hot Topic. Favorite color: black. Over time, her tough veneer begins to soften, as a budding romance with Oliver becomes apparent. Defiant and headstrong on the surface, the audience begins to see that her adamance of being completely unique and independent really stems from her desire to be loved and accepted. 


Shy. Very shy. Weirdly funny. Awkward Puff.


A little distant. A little random. Is possibly a genius or really, really stupid. But has a really strong heart. The Puffiest of the Puffs.


An appealing comic actor. Cedric: A champion. Athletic, winning, popular, and charming. Everyone’s favorite, but still loyal, patient, and kind. A leading example of a Puff.



Evil. Like, reeeaaally evil. Wants to rule the world in shadows and darkness and terror. (Or, ya know, just an amazing Ralph Fiennes impression.)


Sad Puff. Gloomy. Think Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh.” Constantly in fear of her or her family dying.


Boyish & fun. Chipper and happy except, when his life is in mortal danger. Perky Puff.


Proud. Loud. Pretty sure he’s the best. Vain Puff.


Just wants to be your friend. Nice Puff.


Young, plucky, and famous. Struts around school like he owns it. Gets into a few wacky situations, but it’s nothing the bonds of friendship can’t overcome. Not a Puff.

The following characters are based on a famous series of books about Wizards- and we are looking for certain impressions/inflections/imitations of these characters that you may be familiar with. These characters will be played by an ensemble of actors- each performer will play more than one part as well as playing various Smarts/Braves/Snakes/Puffs:

A Very Tall Man With A Beard- saves a certain baby

A Certain Potions Teacher with Black Hair- hates a certain baby

Professor Turban- might be posessed by a Dark Lord

A Headmaster- in charge of a certain school of Magic. There are two of these (just like a certain series). 

Mr. Moody- has a big eye

Professor McG- can turn into a cat. Has a British accent.

Professor Sproutty- likes plants. A little weird.

Viktor- has a Russian accent. Big.

Myrtle- lives in a bathroom. Whines a lot.

Blondo Malfoy- hates Harry. Arrogant and obnoxious. 

A Fat Friar- modeled on a certain ghost that may or may not have lost his or her head.

Goyle- friends with Blondo. Also rude and arrogant. 

Xavia Jones- is locked up in a certain prison. Megan's mom.

Ghost History Teach- a teacher. Who is also a ghost. 

Professor Locky- thinks he's a movie star.

Ginny- Romantic interest of Wayne.

Uncle Dave- Wayne's uncle who tells him he's a wizard. A little redneck, but with good intentions.

Clumsy Longbottom- just wantes to do well at things.

Professor Lanny- can see the future. Maybe?

Runes Teacher- teaches Runes. 

Ms Babble- teaches Mug Studies.

Helga Puff- Founded the Puffs

Rowena- Founded the Smarts

Ric Gryff- Founded the Braves

Sal- Founded the Snakes

Frenchy Delacour- from a rival school

Real Mr. Moody- has a VERY large eye

Rita Scooter- poison pen journalist 

Zach Smith- A Wizard Bro

Bippy- small House Elf.

Death Buddies- played by entire company