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We are thrilled to introduce the company of PUFFS!

Connor Aubuchon- Ernie Mac

Ryan Balmer- J Finch/Zach

Anne Brock- Colin/Student/Death Buddy

Dora Bell- Megan

Joshua Bergin- First Headmaster/Student/Death Buddy

Jaelyn Bergin- Bippy/Student

Kaylin Buckingham- Sally

Andrew Carter- Wayne

Johny Cojocaru- Viktor//Student/Death Buddy

Lukas Dement- Voldy/Potions Master/Turban/Sal

Lorelei Edwards- Harry

Felicity Enloe- Frenchy/Ginny/Student/Death Buddy

Aiden George- Blondo/Nick/Student/Death Buddy

Dominique Harper- Sproutty/Babble/Student/Death Buddy

Brooklyn Hyatt- McGonagall/Helga/Locky/Student/Death Buddy

Evan Kiriakidis- Oliver    

Ethan Meir- Friar/Uncle Dave/ Clumsy/Student/Death Buddy

Paige Pelster- Runes Teacher/Lanny/Rowena/Student/Death Buddy

Mekaela Sanders- Xavia/Seamus/Student

Ireland Shortt- Susie

Abby Shallin- Ghost History Teach/Real Mr Moody/Bagman/Student/Death Buddy

Kody Scaggs- Tall Man/Cedric

Tara Steffens- 2nd Headmaster/Rita/Student/Death Buddy

Sydney Smith- Hannah/Myrtle

Grace Sellers- Leanne

Stephen Thompson- Narrator

Elijah Waters- Goyle/Ric/Student/Dragon/Student/Death Buddy

PUFFS performances are February 24-27, 2022

Buy tickets online HERE

Puffs by Matt Cox
Directed by Grace Austin
Choreography by Chris Page Sanders
Scenic Design by Sylvia Sellers
Lighting Design and Technical Direction by Bess Moynihan
Costume Design by Carly Uding
Prop Design by Dora Bell
Puppet Design by Skyler Hunt
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