Auditions for 
And Then There Were None 
will be held August 20 and 21 at 6:30pm
in the John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center.
And Then There Were None will be directed by the
Artistic Director of Ozark Actor's Theatre and ECC Theatre adjunct faculty Alex Freeman.
Auditions are open to all ECC students and community members age 15 and up. 
We are casting 3 women and 8 men.
Character descriptions:
Thomas Rodgers- The butler and caretaker of the house on Soldier Island.
Competent manservant, shifty, dishonest.
Mrs. Rodgers- The house servant and wife of the butler. Worried, frightened and guilt-ridden woman.
Anthony Marsten- A good looking playboy who has never wanted for anything.
Emily Brett- A religious fundamentalist who believes she is morally superior to everyone else on the island. Deeply religious, sanctimonious, middle aged spinster.
Vera Claythorne- former nursemaid who came to the island under the pretense of becoming Mrs. U.N. Owen's secretary.  "Innocent," ingenue type, she is surprisingly cunning. Young, self-assured, troubled by guilt.
Phillip Lombard- A soldier of fortune. Leading man type; a mercenary who can wiggle out of a scrape. Adventurous, inappropriately witty.
Detective William Blore- A former detective with Scotland Yard who committed perjury that resulted in locking up an innocent man.
Judge Lawrence Wargrave- An old judge who is accused of having murdered a man over whose trial he presided. Calm, intelligent, often cold. 
Dr. Edward Armstrong- A surgeon who is accused of having killed a patient after performing an operation on her while intoxicated.
General Mackenzie- Surprisingly sentimental military man. Soldierly, overly guilt-ridden, almost welcoming death. 
Fred- Narracott- Captain of the boat that ferries all the guests over to Soldier Island. Gruff in manner.
Audition readings are here
Please click HERE to download the rehearsal schedule for ATTWN
Questions? Please click HERE to email ECC Theatre Faculty member Grace Austin

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