Callbacks for 
9-5 the Musical
will be held November 21 at 6:30pm
in the John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center.
Please dress to move (we will start with the dance callback)
and sign in on the callboard when you arrive (stage management will be available to assist you).
If you are auditioning for the first time that day, please see stage management as soon as you enter the building.
We would like to see the following people at callbacks:
Rebecca Evans
Chad Greife-Wetenhall
Tara Steffens
Heidi Nuckolls
Kaitlin Gant
Diane Burnett
Sophia Wildt
Isaac Corum
Jessie Patterson
Nate Mendez-Torres
Jonathan Robertson
Sue Spann
Meg Kimminau
Aidan Gildehaus
Abby Shallin
Donovan Counts
Zach Kimker
Schuyler Condon
Anna-MArie Sampson
Sebastian Montowine
Crystal Pratt
SAra Lohmeyer
Kathy Dawson
Russell Pinnell
Brittany Losh
Jasmine Derhammer
Rita Bub
Patty Kellmann
Rebecca Brinker
Sydney SMith
Carol Buescher
Chloe Sinklear
Trey Tinker
Camryn Dunivan
Andrew CArter
Erin Wehmeyer
Jagger Case
Lainie Shollenberger
Briley Howell
**We may also have some people who did not receive a previous vocal callback sing the company 9-5 callback**
**If you received a vocal callback, please be prepared to sing the original audition cuts for the character also.**
Doralee Audition Cut
Violet Audition Cut
Roz Audition Cut
Judy Audition Cut
Hart Audition Cut
Joe Audition Cut
Please click HERE to email Director Grace Austin